Nicola Rae: Meteor Radio Echoes: Southern Taurids, 2019
Immiscibilti: a chemical experiment in reactivity (part of UNESCO Year of the Periodic Table)
APT Gallery, Harold Wharf, 6 Creekside, Deptford, London SE8. 10th - 13th Oct 2019.
Curators: Paul Malone and Nicola Rae


The sounds within Meteor Radio Echoes: Southern Taurids, 2019 are terrestrial VHF signals deflecting off the ionization trails of meteors burning in the upper atmosphere. They have been visualized through a sound emission analyser and projected onto a 20” glass Fresnel lens from a Mole Richardson searchlight. The radio echoes are from the annual Southern Taurids meteor shower associated with the periodic comet Encke and were recorded through The meteors were detected in Washington with a Yagi antenna pointing at a TV Tower in Canada. The intention was for the meteor echoes to be broadcast live but technical difficulties led to the decision to recreate this work live outside at night at a later date.




Curators' statement
i-mis'-ibal adj. That which cannot undergo mixing or blending
Immiscibiliti is an exhibition by contemporary artists and structural film makers relating to the theme of reactivity and resistance in the process of creativity. As suggested by the title this can often operate along the boundaries of the miscible and the immiscible; the blending of influences or resistance to those proximities. In effect this exhibition is designed to operate as an intriguing chemical experiment, including artists that on one level share the same influences yet on another inhabit diverse evolutionary paths.

Artists showing work: Amy Dickson, Nicky Hamlyn, Jamie Jenkinson, Paul Malone, Nicola Rae, Steven Scott, Alma Tischler Wood.

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Late night photos in darkened gallery showing Fresnel lens refractions.